Refund Policy

Please note: does not sell or ship physical items or mailed books of any kind, ebooksnow products are digitally sent and delivered via download and/or email, by using and purchasing our products you agree and acknowledge the use and purchase of said digital items per the legal terms and conditions agreement accepted at checkout .

If something isn’t right we are happy to accept a return subject to the Return and Exchange Policy below:

As a customer of eBooksNow, You agree and acknowledge that by ordering with that your digital items will be available via download and/or via email for use and agree to the complete terms and condition set forth by

You also acknowledge that all sales are final once completed and agree that ebooksnow does not offer refunds, credit, or retractions of any kind after purchase has been completed and digitally delivered. You the customer are legally bound to the terms set forth and agree to release any right to cancel, file a complaint, or use means of credit card dispute to cancel or file a chargeback with intent to reclaim funds after purchase has been completed and processed.

We will meet our legal obligation which may include refunding the purchase price and delivery charges if one of the following criteria is met. Duplicated Orders which are purchased accidentally and have not been downloaded yet. We only refund one duplicate item done in error..

Your purchased items after a successful checkout will be available for download instantly at checkout and also will be emailed to your inbox as well as your my account section if you created a account at checkout for your convenience.

Your card was stolen or fraudulently used to make a purchase you did not authorize. (In this case our fraud and legal dept. must complete an investigation prior to issuing a refund back to your card).

Aside from these cases, EBOOKSNOW does not accept return or refund due to the nature of our products and the price.

When a refund is completed, The refunded amount will be credited back to your Bank Account within 7 to 10 business days. If you have an issue with a refund please email support.

For customer support please e-mail us at [email protected]